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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Progress..and for sale!

This is is the current street fighter... It is a 72' Triumph OIF, 5-speed with a 750 big bore kit, completely rebuilt motor. Hard tailed with a approximately 5"stretch, 3 inch drop. 

Electronic Ignition, and the rest of our standard works package. We are in the process of buttoning up the motor, powder coating, polishing case covers, picking out a paint scheme, and the rest of the fiddly bits.

Clean and clear title, custom anti-queef motor mounts, un-lucased wiring, etc, etc. Magical battery-less system, clip-on handlebars, you get the picture. 

Interested? Want to be able to specify things like paint, seat, type, handlebars, and exhaust? Let us know.