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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

water jet parts...2.0

We are on our third or fourth run of water jet parts now, and things have changed slightly. The stock axle plate(black) has been pretty much replaced with the modified, which gives us a little more drop and play in for the OIF frames, for regular Triumph frames, it would rally be a matter or personal preference. In addition, the quality of our parts has gone up, meaning all the cutting lines have been cleaned, the parts have been generally deburred, and the cutting speed itself has been slowed down to avoid drift in the 1/2 inch plates. Which means the price has gone up slightly, but the prep work has gone down significantly. 

As far as the motor mounts go, its been a process of slight adjustments with each pair cut, and at this point they are near perfect. The whole "patented anti-queef" is a bit of a joke, but between the 1/4" thickness and the bottom mount, they are rock solid and well, anti-queef.

The seat pan in the background is for now un-orderable, since its cut from 3/16" steel that makes it rather unwieldy for most people to bend. If you have something else in mind and need a thinner custom blank cut, let us know.

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